La Tienda Gift Shop carries a wide selection of books that cover topics that pertain to Brownsville and its history.  In addition to nationally recognized titles, La Tienda also carries books by local authors that cover Texas, Brownsville and Mexican history.

Brownsville & Fort Brown History

Brownsville is one of the most historic and important cities in the state of Texas.  La Tienda carries books that explore the city of Brownsville's history, its predecessor Fort Brown, and the history of the people who lived in the area before Brownsville became incorporated.

SPI & Gulf History

Not too far from Brownsville lies the Gulf of Mexico.  Here the city of Port Isabel and the town of South Padre Island became important as trade grew in the area.  Books in this section give readers an opportunity to explore the salty history of these seaside locales.

Border Life & RGV Studies

The bi-cultural world of the Rio Grande Valley is unique to Texas and La Tienda carries a wide variety of books that explore the Valley's history and culture.

Texas History

It is often stated that Texas a world unto itself.  Take an opportunity to learn about the Lone Star state's exciting history and vibrant culture through the various titles carried by La Tienda Gift Shop.

Mexican Culture & History

Across the Rio Grande from Brownsville lies a vibrant country that is full of history.  Our Mexican Culture & History section covers topics such as the Aztecs, cinema, curandero, and the music of Mexico.

Victorian History

The Stillman House Museum is defined as a Victorian era house.  La Tienda Gift Shop carries books that let visitors learn more about the world of the Stillman and Trevino families during this exciting and advanced period of American history.

Cowboys, Vaqueros & Ranching History

Ranching is king in South Texas and its not a surprise that cowboys, Mexican vaqueros and buckaroos are an important part of the area's past.  We carry books that detail the history of the area's most important ranches and even the Native American tribes that resided here before the Spaniards arrived.

War & Conflict History

Brownsville's past is steeped in war and conflict.  Brownsville is home to three major wars - the Texas Revolution, the U.S.-Mexico War, and the American Civil War. The area was also embroiled in the 1910 Mexican Revolution.  To learn more about these wars, visit our War & Conflict section.

Architecture and Preservation

The unique architecture of  Brownsville combines the styles found in New England with Spanish and New Orleans influences.  Our preservation section carries books that can help you restore your historic home to its former glory.

Gardening & Wildlife

The Rio Grande Valley is a lush location, brimming with flora and fauna.  Explore this world with our gardening and wildlife section, where you can discover how to turn your garden into a tropical oasis or start a new hobby like bird watching.

Kitchen & Cooking

In the land of pan de campo, chili and enchiladas, cooking is king.  La Tienda's kitchen and cooking section carries books and cookbooks about Texas and Mexican cuisine.  Both traditional and healthy cookbooks are available.

Religion & Guadalupe

Catholicism's rich history is deeply intertwined with Mexican culture, especially with the country's veneration of the Virgen de Guadalupe.  Our religious section - located at the Old City Cemetery Center - offers readers an in-depth look at the importance of religion in this area.

Day of the Dead, Ghosts & the Cemetery

History is not just people, places and wars - history is people and the stories that define them, including stories of ghosts and hauntings.  It is also celebrations, such as Mexico's day of the dead, and traditions like caring for our ancestor's graves.  Learn more about this topics through the variety of titles we carry.

Seasonal Books

Guests will find in our holiday section a selection of books that will be a perfect addition to holidays traditions year after year.  La Tienda carries bilingual holiday and Hanukkah books.

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