From time to time, guests and staff alike report disturbances such as footsteps, noises, voices, and the occasional light problem that cannot be explained by normal means.  Various groups have lead paranormal investigations at the Stillman House Museum, the Brownsville Heritage Museum, and the Old City Cemetery Center.


If you've experienced a haunting at one of our locations and would like to share your story or pictures on our website, please email us at


The following youtube video is from Graveyard Shift Paranormal Investigators.  It contains several EVPs (electronic voice projection) that were caught at the Old City Cemetery during our Shades of History Junior Ghost Hunting Camp on July 29, 2011.

The following video is from S.P.I.R.I.T Investigators.  They investigated the Stillman House Museum on August 20, 2011.  Included in this 13 minute video are EVPs and pictures.

The following video is from P.I.M.P.s Investigators.  The investigated the Stillman House Museum and the Brownsville Heriage Museum on August 13 and the Old City Cemetery on August 27.  The following video include EVPs from both sessions and from the group's intake prior to the 13th.

Graveyard Shift Paranormal Investigators hosted a public paranormal investigation at the Old City Cemetery on September 24th.  Three groups were led to the cemetery, where they investigated the alleged hauntings reported there.  The video below are the results of the investigation.

 On October 15,  the BHA opened the Stillman House for its very first overnight program.  Graveyard Shift Paranormal came back to Brownsville to lead a public investigation of the museum.  Previous groups (private and public) have explored the Stillman House with positive results and the GSPI led investigation was no different.  Below is a video containing evidence found during the investigation.

Melody Maids, a local club for middle school-aged girls, spent the morning of October 29th with the BHA on a ghost hunt of the Old City Cemetery.  31 girls and five parents  were led by BHA Education Coordinator Rhiannon Cizon and Musuem Assistant Dan LeFave on a two hour long exploration and hunt of the cemetery.  The girls used digital voice recorders, cameras, and even dowsing rods to see if they could connect with the ghosts of the Historic City Cemetery.  Below is a video with EVPs caught during that investigation.

For the first time ever, the BHA hosted a ghost hunt for teens with Graveyard Shift Paranormal.  The four hour long camp introduced these campers to the Stillman House, the history of the area and the stories of alleged hauntings.  They also learned how to hunt for the paranormal before searching the Stillman for signs of activity.  This video is the first of two being produced by GSPI.


The following pictures were taken at the Stillman House Museum by S.P.I.R.I.T Investigators from McAllen.  The top picture is reported to be the face of woman who appeared in a window.  The bottom picture is that of either a little boy or a young woman's face reflecting in the windows as well.

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