Surrounded by a black metal fence, the Stillman House Museum is among the oldest surviving structures in Brownsville.  The house seen today is the result of additions made by the Trevino family during their time in the house.  The original windows, shutters and doors are still in place and the breezy courtyards enjoyed by the Stillman and Trevino families still offer a respite from the hot Texas sun.


The Stillman House is included in the price of admission to the Heritage Complex.

A Brief Timeline  of the Stillman House Museum


1850: Built by Henry Miller, owner of the Miller Hotel in downtown Brownsville.


1850:  Miller rents out the house to his partner, Charles Stillman.  Stillman moves into the house with his new bride, Elizabeth Stillman (nee Goodrich)


1850:  Charles and Elizabeth’s eldest son, James (Jewett) Stillman was born.


1852:  Charles and Elizabeth’s eldest daughter, Isabel Stillman was born.

1853:  Yellow Fever breaks out in Brownsville, Elizabeth and her children move to Connecticut permenantly.


1853:  Charles Stillman moves out.


1858:  Henry Miller sells the house to Manuel Trevino de los Santos Coy, Mexican Consul to Brownsville.


1866:  Charles Stillman permanently moves back to Connecticut


1875:  Charles Stillman passes away.


1875:  Manuel Trevino, Porfirio Diaz and others gather to secretly plot the overthrow of the Mexican president Sebastian Lerdo de Tejada.


1876: Porfirio Diaz becomes president of Mexico, a position he would hold until 1910


1958: The Trevino family, after 100 years, sells their family home.  The home is purchased by Chauncey Stillman, great-grandson of Charles Stillman.


1958: After restoration, the house is donated to the Brownsville Historical Association


1960:  The Stillman House is opened as a public museum.


2008:  Hurricane Dolly hits Brownsville, damaging the Stillman House.


2009:  The Stillman House is re-opened to the public after restorations.

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